DAI Achievements
DAI has added value to the work and programmes of all its partner institutions, and it has also been the framework for the development of new, joint programmes. “DAI labelled” initiatives led by two or more DAI partners include:
Trilateral Vision for the Protected Area “Sharr/Šar Planina–Korab-Dešat/Deshat”
As a result of common cooperation between DAI partners, Euronatur and UNEP, on 7 November in Popova Shapka in the Sharra mountains, the three Environment Ministers of the bordering countries Albania, Kosovo and FYR of Macedonia signed the Joint Vision for the transboundary protected Area “Sharr/Šar Planina - Korab - Dešat /Deshat. Furthermore, Former Yugoslav Republic (FYR) of Macedonia committed to concrete actions in order to establish the National Park Sharra.

Besides the Ministers of Environment from Albania, Kosovo and the FYR of Macedonia, the Austrian Ambassador to Macedonia, the Deputy Ambassador of Germany to Macedonia, UNEP representatives, EuroNatur representatives, and Mayors of local municipalities of all three bordering countries as well as many other representatives from the local communities, academia, governments and NGOs attended the meeting.
At the press conference, Minister Ademi, FYR of Macedonia, expressed his gratitude for the support received from local communities, UNEP and NGOs, and stated that “Albania and Kosovo have proclaimed protected areas from their sides of the mountain, and therefore it is now time for the same to happen on Macedonian side”. All ministers highlighted their common standing on the protection of the Sharra mountain, which will contribute to overall ecological value and socio-economic prosperity through the development of eco-tourism. Minister Ademi also flagged the expectation of discussing the proclamation of the Sharra national park on the upcoming Parliamentary Session of Macedonia.
The meeting was a great achievement of Dinaric Arc Initiative, as it represented a large stepping stone towards achieving the transboundary protected area, through cooperation and partnership between the countries.
BIG WIN for DINARIC ARC – a high level event on the Dinaric Arc ecoregion at the 9th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity.
Each of the six governments prepared a list of national priorities to support the efficient implementation of the objectives of the CBD Programme of Work on Protected Areas. These national priorities were announced at the Big Win for Dinaric Arc event among the wide audience. Each country prioritized enlargement of the surface of their protected areas, including the establishment of new protected areas and extension of the existing ones, with the ultimate vision to create a well-managed and representative protected areas network stretching across the six Dinaric Arc countries, and providing a practical basis for lasting cooperation, as well as generating benefits to local and national economies. “This protected area network will fill a crucial gap in a pan-European network stretching from France to Greece, ensuring shelter for threatened species as well as corridors for species’ mobility,” said Paolo Lombardi. Mr. Zoran Sikic, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Culture of Croatia emphasized: ‘Our protected areas are covering almost 12% of the territory; additionally almost 47% is designated under the National Ecological Network, as an effort to establish an ecologically representative national and regional systems of protected areas and nationally important sites within the ecological network.
At least 13 new protected areas and enlargement of 9 existing protected areas will be established in Dinaric Arc ecoregion of south-eastern Europe. For example, Albania will enlarge the surface of its protected areas by at least 40,000 hectares... Download Report
Training course “NGO Capacity Building in Networking and Communication”, Skhodra (AL), October 2005, organized by IUCN
“Biking the Balkans”, an initiative to promote a regional network of local sustainable development experiences in South East Europe, 2006, organized by UNESCO
International workshop “ Implementation of the Convention on Biological diversity” – Programme of Work on Protected Areas in the Dinaric Arc countries, Belgrade, 2006, organized by WWF and IUCN.
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