Strengthening the DAI – Introduction of the support unit for DAI
The 14th Dinaric Arc Initiative meeting was held in Vienna on 30 March 2012. During the meeting, hosted by the UNEP Vienna office, participants reviewed the functioning of the DAI and decided to take the Initiative forward in order to be able to continue creating synergies between programmes and activities of the individual DAI members.

Over the past years, each partner on the rotation basis was working as a coordinator of the Dinaric Arc Initiative. However, members have realized that there is a need for additional qualitative step and that is to have one support unit for DAI. Therefore, UNEP Vienna offered within the framework of ENVSEC and financial support from Austrian Development Agency, to be a host of a continuous coordination unit for the Dinaric Arc Initiative. The function of this unit will be to support and facilitate activities in order to strengthen the collaboration of DAI partners and their ongoing programmes in the Dinaric Arc region and to further support activities of DAI. In particular the coordination unit for Dinaric Arc Initiative will, within the available funding:

• Assist in making arrangements of DAI partners on rotational basis.

• Assist in facilitation of meetings of DAI partners twice per year. Specifically make arrangements for meeting venues, prepare agendas, provide participants with all necessary information, produce meeting reports and all other logistical activities necessary for holding successful meetings.

• Assist in enhancing communication between DAI partners and their work done in the Dinaric Arc Region. Specifically compile, exchange and continuously update information on projects and activities done by DAI partners in the Dinaric Arc region.

• Assist in enhancing external communication about DAI partnership. Specifically use the internal communication and information and present it on established websites, leaflets etc., create libraries of activities and projects done within the framework on DAI through different communication methods and materials.

• Assist in identifying possible activities that are instrumental in implementation of DAI mission and are relevant for projects that merge from DAI.

• Perform other activities that relate to coordination unit for DAI that may be determined by DAI members.
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